descriptionA Go client and SGF library with a focus on flexibility.
ownerBryan Gardiner <>
last changeWed, 20 Sep 2017 01:47:05 +0000 (18:47 -0700)
2017-09-20 Bryan GardinerUpdate copyrights to 2017. master goatee-gtk-
2017-09-20 Bryan GardinerAdd support for up to HUnit-1.6.
2017-09-20 Bryan GardinerBump to goatee-gtk- with support for directory...
2016-07-22 Bryan GardinerSupport template-haskell-2.11, fix upper version bound... goatee-
2016-06-02 Bryan GardinerBump goatee-gtk to with support for gtk-0.14... goatee-gtk-
2016-06-02 Bryan GardinerRemove an unused Just -> catMaybes wrapping.
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerBump goatee micro version to; I uploaded the... goatee-
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerBump versions to 0.3.1. goatee-0.3.1 goatee-gtk-0.3.1
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerSilence GHC 7.10 redundant import warnings with CPP.
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerUpdates for GHC 7.10.
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerAdd a Nix expression for each of the subpackages.
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerLinter and pre-commit improvements.
2015-09-08 Bryan GardinerUpgrade to wxHaskell 0.93.
2015-09-07 Bryan GardinerUpgrade to gtk2hs 0.13.
2015-03-20 Bryan GardinerUI: Add PgUp/PgDn keys for jumping 10 nodes; improve... goatee-0.3.0 goatee-gtk-0.3.0
2015-03-18 Bryan GardinerUI: Warn that multi-tree files aren't supported when...
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3 years ago goatee-0.1.0 Release of goatee-0.1.0.
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