descriptionC++ FFI generator for Haskell.
ownerBryan Gardiner <>
last changeFri, 8 Dec 2017 15:52:48 +0000 (07:52 -0800)
8 days ago Bryan GardinerFix a couple bugs in bitspace code generation. master
2017-08-21 Bryan GardinerClean up a couple more generated files in the STL tests.
2017-08-21 Bryan GardinerRefactor the unit tests to use a single generator.
2017-08-21 Bryan GardinerAdd an --interface option for selecting a generator...
2017-06-09 Bryan GardinerAdd necessary -dynamic flags to the example. hoppy-docs-0.3.2 hoppy-generator-0.3.3 hoppy-runtime-0.3.1
2017-06-09 Bryan GardinerUpdate the first section of the getting started guide.
2017-06-09 Bryan GardinerAlso version bump hoppy-runtime-0.3.1, hoppy-docs-0...
2017-05-26 Bryan GardinerVersion bump to hoppy-generator-0.3.3.
2017-05-26 Bryan GardinerAdd default construction and operator bool() to callbac...
2017-04-09 Bryan GardinerFix import and use of findProgramOnSearchPath.
2017-04-09 Bryan GardinerSwitch from deprecated findProgramLocation to findProgr...
2017-04-01 Bryan GardinerAdd a .gitignore.
2017-04-01 Bryan GardinerAdd default Setup implementations and a binding example...
2017-03-31 Bryan GardinerExplain garbage collection more; change some "pointer...
2017-02-26 Bryan GardinerVersion bump to hoppy-generator-0.3.2, hoppy-docs-0... hoppy-docs-0.3.1 hoppy-generator-0.3.2
2017-02-26 Bryan GardinerMerge the new tutorial work.
6 months ago hoppy-docs-0.3.2 Release of hoppy-docs-0.3.2.
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9 months ago hoppy-docs-0.3.1 Release of hoppy-docs-0.3.1.
9 months ago hoppy-generator-0.3.2 Release of hoppy-generator-0.3.2.
9 months ago hoppy-generator-0.3.1 Release of hoppy-generator-0.3.1.
12 months ago release-0.3.0 Release of Hoppy 0.3.0.
14 months ago release-0.2.1 Release of Hoppy 0.2.1.
17 months ago release-0.2.0 Release of Hoppy 0.2.0.
22 months ago release-0.1.0 Release of Hoppy 0.1.0.
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