descriptionQt bindings for Haskell.
ownerBryan Gardiner <>
last changeWed, 19 Jul 2017 02:47:10 +0000 (19:47 -0700)
2017-07-19 Bryan GardinerCheck for bash 4.1+; note Qt 4.8+ in the readme (fixes... master
2017-06-11 Bryan GardinerAdd some missing files to qtah-cpp.cabal; version bump... qtah-cpp-0.3.1
2017-06-11 Bryan GardinerAdd a couple more items to the changelog.
2017-06-10 Bryan GardinerUpdate the changelog and release Qtah 0.3.0. qtah-0.3.0 qtah-cpp-0.3.0 qtah-examples-0.3.0 qtah-generator-0.3.0
2017-06-10 Bryan GardinerAdd an AUTHORS file, and stop tracking per-file copyrig...
2017-06-10 Bryan GardinerMake use of BuildFlags.buildNumJobs when building qtah...
2017-05-26 Bryan GardinerAdd QListView and start QFont, and add a launcher to...
2017-05-26 Bryan GardinerAdd QtahRasterWindow and QtahOpenGLWindow to be able...
2017-05-25 Bryan GardinerAdd QPaintEvent, some Qt-namespace enums, and some...
2017-05-25 Bryan GardinerAdd QAbstractItemView and friends.
2017-05-15 Bryan GardinerAdd QOpenGLWidget.
2017-05-14 Bryan GardinerAdd QWindow and related classes.
2017-05-13 Bryan GardinerAdd QImage, QPaintDevice, QRgb.
2017-05-13 Bryan GardinerMerge Mac support.
2017-05-13 Bryan GardinerMake greadlink detection work properly.
2017-05-04 Bryan GardinerFill out QBrush.
2 months ago qtah-cpp-0.3.1 Release of qtah-cpp-0.3.1.
2 months ago qtah-examples-0.3.0 Release of qtah-examples-0.3.0.
2 months ago qtah-0.3.0 Release of qtah-0.3.0.
2 months ago qtah-cpp-0.3.0 Release of qtah-cpp-0.3.0.
2 months ago qtah-generator-0.3.0 Release of qtah-generator-0.3.0.
7 months ago qtah-examples-0.2.1 Release of qtah-examples-0.2.1.
7 months ago qtah-generator-0.2.1 Release of qtah-generator-0.2.1.
7 months ago qtah-examples-0.2.0 Release of qtah-examples-0.2.0.
7 months ago qtah-0.2.0 Release of qtah-0.2.0.
7 months ago qtah-cpp-0.2.0 Release of qtah-cpp-0.2.0.
7 months ago qtah-generator-0.2.0 Release of qtah-generator-0.2.0.
10 months ago qtah-examples-0.1.2 Release of qtah-examples-0.1.2.
10 months ago qtah-0.1.2 Release of qtah-0.1.2.
12 months ago qtah-0.1.1 Release of qtah-0.1.1.
12 months ago qtah-cpp-0.1.2 Release of qtah-cpp-0.1.2.
12 months ago qtah-generator-0.1.2 Release of qtah-generator-0.1.2.
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