goatee-0.3.0, goatee-gtk-0.3.0 released

Item posted on 2015-03-19.
Tags: goatee

I'm happy to announce the release of Goatee 0.3.0.  This release includes the ability to modify a number of additional board annotations: assigned stones, arrows and lines, visibility, and dimming.  There are also some new keyboard shortcuts for navigation, now with UI documentation.

There are also a number of bug fixes.  Toolbar buttons would appear blank under certain GTK+ styles; dimming was being rendered incorrectly in some cases; and I also made a couple of performance improvements, especially for modifications deep in a game tree (editing game info still has speed issues).

Previously, when opening an SGF file with multiple top-level game trees (not simply move variations), game trees after the first would be silently dropped, as multiple game trees in an SGF collection are not yet supported.  The UI now loudly warns the user when this happens.

There are also minor documentation and interface improvements in the 'goatee' library.

Once again, on Hackage:

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