Bryan Gardiner

About me

Software developer, Go player, cat-lover, Canadian.  I work on a few different free software projects.


2017-01-14: Released qtah-examples-0.2.1 with more instructive build failures.

2016-12-16: New Hoppy 0.3.0 and Qtah 0.2.0 released.

2016-08-04: New Qtah released with packaging fixes.

2016-07-27: Released goatee-, with dependency updates.

2016-07-10: Released Qtah 0.1.0.

2016-06-29: Released Hoppy 0.2.0 with garbage collector support [...].

2016-06-22: Updated Gentoo ebuilds and Nix expressions are now available for all projects.  Ebuilds are in my overlay, and Nix expressions are in the individual project repositories, if not available downstream.

2016-06-10: Announcing khph.

2016-06-02: goatee-gtk- is out, with dependency updates.

2016-02-08: hoppy and qtah, coming soon to a Cabal near you.

2015-09-08: goatee- and goatee-gtk-0.3.1 are out, with dependency updates.

2015-03-19: goatee-0.3.0, goatee-gtk-0.3.0 are out!

2015-01-04: slim-power-auth- is available.

2014-08-23: goatee-0.2.0, goatee-gtk-0.2.0 are released!