Fool me twice (moving to Sourcehut)

Item posted on 2024-04-28.
Tags: gentoo, hoppy, qtah, nvd, khph

Tragically, Gitlab has decided to follow Github's footsteps.  Their Gitlab Duo product lets you "ship more secure software faster with AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle."  As stated on their product page (also here), they again confuse the project visibility checkbox for permission to ignore free software license requirements and attribution:

> Will my code be used for training AI models?

> GitLab does not train generative AI models based on private (non-public) data.  The vendors we work with also do not train models based on private data.

So thanks Gitlab, it's been fun, but it's time to find a new software forge.  Self-hosting anything more than a bare Git repository is still too much work.  The most appealing option, and also most resistent to this type of trend in the future, appears to be Sourcehut.  It is fully free software using the AGPL, no "open core."  It is modular, so repositories, issue trackers, and mailing lists are all separate things that you combine as you like to form a project.  The minimal UI and email-centric workflow appeals to me more than a fancy Javascript-heavy frontend.  And contributing to projects on Sourcehut doesn't even require creating an account.

I have already set up new repositories, and am working on getting everything moved over, so see you there.  I am still looking for a way to copy over the issue history from Gitlab.

Goatee will continue to be hosted at Savannah.

(Hacker News discussion on Duo is here.)