Hoppy 0.9.0 released

Item posted on 2024-06-01.
Tags: hoppy

I am pleased to announce the release of Hoppy 0.9.0.

In addition to minor compatibility updates for newer GHC, Cabal, and C++, there are two new features in this version.

Bindings using Hoppy can now be written using just two Cabal packages, or even a single one, rather than requiring three separate packages.  These more compact styles rely on Cabal's support for building C++ code, without needing to maintain a custom makefile.  Overall this means that bindings can be written with much less boilerplate.  For more complex build processes, the three-package style is still alive and unchanged.  Example projects are provided for all three styles in the Hoppy git repository.

In addition to this, the build process for bindings has been updated to support creating all generated source files in the autogen directory provided by Cabal, rather than writing to the original source tree.  For generated Haskell modules this is automatic.  For C++ code, this must be configured, and because of API changes here, updates are required for all bindings to port to Hoppy 0.9.0.  Migration steps are provided in the changelog.

I am now producing GPG-signed release tarballs.  These can be found here.

For full details of this release, see the changelog.