Posts tagged "goatee"

2021-11-18: Porting Goatee to Qt

2021-01-25: Goatee 0.4.0 released, with GHC updates and improved error handling in the library's monad.

2018-02-09: Gentoo overlay now listed in Layman

2016-07-27: goatee- is out, with dependency updates.

2016-06-22: Gentoo ebuild and Nix expression updates

2016-06-02: goatee-gtk- is out, with dependency updates.

2015-09-08: goatee-, goatee-gtk-0.3.1 released, with dependency updates.

2015-03-19: goatee-0.3.0, goatee-gtk-0.3.0 released

2014-08-23: goatee-0.2.0, goatee-gtk-0.2.0 released