Debian APT Repository

I am hosting a package repository for various programs, mainly software that isn't in the official Debian release.  Currently the repo is minimal, but eventually it may grow to be similar to my Gentoo overlay in contents.

Currently the repository includes:


I am publishing packages for Debian Stable (Bookworm) and Testing (Trixie).  Sid users, please use the current testing suite.  I do not plan to freeze package versions in the stable suite, so both stable and testing will receive package updates, although stable will receive updates at a slower pace.  Use APT holds or pinning if you wish to prevent upgrades.  See apt-mark(8) or apt_preferences(5) for more information on these.  Packages for old stable releases will be kept around, but not updated.

Also, this repository only contains amd64 packages, since that is the only architecture I run.

The repository is hosted at  The packages here have a lower default priority, like the Debian backports repositories, so APT will not automatically transition from official Debian packages to these ones when packages exist in both repositories, but you will receive updates of these packages once selected.  The following "suites" or "distributions" are available, with the three standard components (main, contrib, non-free; no firmware here!).

  1. kh-bullseye-extras: Additional packages for Debian Bullseye (11).
  2. kh-bookworm-extras: Additional packages for Debian Bookworm (12).
  3. kh-trixie-extras: Additional packages for Debian Trixie (13).

The suites have these names so that they are easy to differentiate from standard Debian packages in command line APT output.


To use this repository, create an APT sources file at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/khumba.sources with the contents below, replacing RELEASE with your version of Debian.  You will need to download and install the signing key file yourself (last updated 2023-09-22), after which you can run apt update and install packages from here.

Types: deb deb-src
Suites: kh-RELEASE-extras
Components: main contrib non-free
Architectures: amd64
Signed-By: /etc/apt/keyrings/khumba.asc

You can get all of this set up with the following commands, run as root:

# mkdir -p /etc/apt/{keyrings,sources.list.d}

# wget -O /etc/apt/keyrings/khumba.asc

# wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/khumba.sources
    (^ replace "bookworm" with "trixie" for testing and unstable ^)

# apt update

After this, I recommend installing the kh-archive-keyring package and changing your Signed-By line above to point to the file this package installs.  For security, the key I use to sign this repo eventually expires, at which point you would need to redownload the key file by hand.  Performing these extra steps now avoids needing to redownload the file in the future, because package updates can automatically provide the latest key.  Again as root:

# apt install kh-archive-keyring

# sed -i 's,/etc/apt/keyrings/khumba.asc,/usr/share/keyrings/khumba.asc,g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/khumba.sources

# apt update

How to Use

To see all available packages, run:

$ apt list '?origin(khumba)'

To install an updated package that already exists at a lower version in Debian, run one of the following commands.

# apt install <package>/kh-bookworm-extras
- or -
# apt install -t kh-bookworm-extras <package>

Package Versioning

Most package versions follow the scheme <upstream_version>-<A>kh<B>.<C>.  Upstream version strings follow the same rules as regular Debian packages.  For packages based on an official Debian package, A is the Debian revision that the package is based on. For packages unique to this repository, A is zero.  B is the release number of Debian that the package was built for; Bookworm is 12.  C starts at one and counts the number of times I have released this upstream package version for this Debian version.  Occasionally +kh or some joiner other than just kh may be used, to ensure proper sorting relative to official Debian packages.

This scheme allows newer versions packaged by Debian to override versions in this repository by default, in case Debian ships an important security update.

A particular suite may contain packages whose kh<B> version point to an older release.  This is normal and indicates that the package has not been rebuilt since that release.


Please email me if you have any issues with this repository or its packages.

Latest News

2023-09-23: GPG key extension, and a Debian keyring package

2023-06-12: Debian Bookworm released, Trixie repos added.

2023-03-25: Fresh cooked Debian packages, in an APT repository near you.