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2023-09-23: GPG key extension, and a Debian keyring package

2023-06-12: Debian Bookworm released, Trixie repos added.

2023-03-25: Fresh cooked Debian packages, in an APT repository near you.

2021-11-18: Site updates, now with posts.

2021-11-18: Porting Goatee to Qt

2021-07-05: On GitHub Copilot

2021-02-06: Hoppy 0.8.0 and Qtah 0.8.0 released

2021-01-25: Goatee 0.4.0 released, with GHC updates and improved error handling in the library's monad.

2019-12-23: Hoppy 0.7.0 is released

2019-09-29: Hoppy 0.6.0 released.  This is a major new release including enum value autodetection, named function parameters, support for custom exportable entities and marshalling, among other improvements.

2018-06-05: Hoppy 0.5.0 and Qtah 0.5.0 released

2018-05-01: I'm removing my local Gitweb instance.  Please access my repositories through GitLab or GitHub instead.

2018-02-09: Gentoo overlay now listed in Layman

2018-01-27: Hoppy 0.4.0 and Qtah 0.4.0 released

2017-06-10: Hoppy 0.3.x improvements, Qtah 0.3.0 released

2017-01-14: qtah-examples-0.2.1 released, with more instructive build failures.

2016-12-16: Hoppy 0.3.0, Qtah 0.2.0 released

2016-08-04: Qtah 0.1.x packaging fixes

2016-07-27: goatee- is out, with dependency updates.

2016-07-10: Qtah 0.1.0 released

2016-06-29: Hoppy 0.2.0 released

2016-06-22: Gentoo ebuild and Nix expression updates

2016-06-10: Announcing khph

2016-06-02: goatee-gtk- is out, with dependency updates.

2016-02-08: Introducing Hoppy and Qtah

2015-09-08: goatee-, goatee-gtk-0.3.1 released, with dependency updates.

2015-03-19: goatee-0.3.0, goatee-gtk-0.3.0 released

2015-01-04: slim-power-auth- is available

2014-08-23: goatee-0.2.0, goatee-gtk-0.2.0 released