Gentoo is a robust meta-distribution that lets you build a GNU/Linux system to your exact specifications, and maintain those customizations with minimal effort.  Users enjoy a rolling release with a vast selection of up-to-date packages, different stability levels to choose from, easy customization of dependencies, trivial patching of source code, and the best license and news systems of any distro.

Gentoo is the best developer workstation.  What versions of GCC, Python, or PHP are available?  All of them.  Need a specific version of PostgreSQL?  You've got it.  Need packages built with debugging enabled?  Two lines in a config file.  Headers and man pages are included.  Live ebuilds install directly from Git master when you need upstream's latest fixes.  Not to mention a colourful terminal and man pages.

Gentoo also allows you to declaratively configure your installed packages, software versions, and general environment in a way that is simple to reproduce across multiple machines.

Other reasons to choose Gentoo are its helpful community, its inclusion of proprietary software in the main repository, and its great out-of-the-box font rendering.


Since 2016, I have maintained the 'khoverlay' overlay with various games, themes, tools, and tweaks not in the main tree.  Contents include the core drivers from System76 for support of their hardware, the gtk3-classic patches, many of @jorio's ports of Pangea Software's old Macintosh games, and the seriously addicting SNKRX and BYTEPATH arcade games from @adn/a327ex.  But there is much more than just these.  You can browse the full package list at, contribute to the project on Sourcehut, or see the ebuilds directly here.

Distfiles for these ebuilds are cached at in case they become unavailable upstream.

My overlay is available through eselect-repository:

# eselect repository enable khoverlay
# emerge --sync khoverlay

I only give unstable keywords to packages here, so you will need to add any packages you want to package.accept_keywords.

I recommend eix for browsing available packages.

Latest News

2024-04-28: Fool me twice (moving to Sourcehut)

2018-02-09: Gentoo overlay now listed in Layman

2016-06-22: Gentoo ebuild and Nix expression updates