Hoppy 0.8.0 and Qtah 0.8.0 released

Item posted on 2021-02-06.
Tags: hoppy, qtah

Hoppy 0.8.0 and Qtah 0.8.0 have been released.  Support for Cabal v2-style builds has been added across the board.  Qtah now sports some additional classes, and Hoppy has improved automatic enum evaluation.

Hoppy 0.8.0 includes a few important changes from previous releases.  Hoppy generators are now packaged as libraries rather than executables, which works better with Cabal and provides a more reliable experience packaging your project as a whole.  As a result, Cabal v2 "new-style" builds are now officially supported (both for projects using Hoppy, and Hoppy itself).  Additionally, when using automatic enum evaluation, C++ gateway packages now cache the evaluation results and pass this information to their Haskell gateway packages, reducing compile time and also enabling use with enums that are defined only as part of a C++ gateway package.

See the changelog entry for documentation on how to update your packages to work with these changes.

Qtah 0.8.0 includes 9 new classes.  Internally, Qtah has been updated to use Hoppy 0.8.0.