Porting Goatee to Qt

Item posted on 2021-11-18.
Tags: goatee, qtah

My long-term goal for writing Hoppy and Qtah has always been to be able to port Goatee from GTK+ to Qt.  I began the port back in 2016 and by 2017 had it running, but without any board rendering and largely untested, certainly nothing I wanted to publish.  I got busy with other things in my life, and nothing more happened on Goatee for years.

In the last couple months I have picked up the project again, and I have got it to a somewhat usable state.  Basic board rendering is implemented, and it's possible to browse through an SGF and edit the game.  There are still lots of features missing compared to the GTK+ version.  Rendering of advanced annotations is incomplete, and there are a ton of to-dos left in the code.  Nevertheless I'm happy enough with it that I have now merged the code to Git master.

There will not be an official release for a while, so for now it's necessary to build from the development repository.